Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling 초음파 오염 방지 장치

ULTRACRAB은 선박 선저의 부착생물 방지용 초음파 방출 장치입니다.
요트나 선박의 외부 수면에 설치하여 장기간 동안 선저면에 조류나 따개비 등의 부착생물이 부착되지 않도록 방지하므로 마리나와 선박 소유자들이 사용하기에 적합한 초음파 오염 방지 장치입니다.

The ULTRACRAB is the Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling system that causing the death of algae and barnacles growing on hull.
The ULTRACRAB transmits patterns of differing harmonic frequencies. These changing sound waves are varied in time and intensity. This combination is extremely effective in causing damage to vacuoles or cell tissue inhibiting the growth and vita functions af algae and barnacles.
Once activated, the performance of ULTRACRAB will be noticed with high efficiency specifically on hard parts (metallic components) as propeller, axes, helm, stern feet, flap or surface propellers.
The ultrasonic waves produced from ULTRACRAB activate high vibration frequencies on metallic surface causing the eadth of algae and barnacles growing on it.


Power Supply 50/60 Hz
Transmitter Cable 30m
Med/Max Power 60/130W
Max Range up to 25m
Components Emitter, Floating Boat, Electronic Box, 30m Cable